Development - Enablement Services

One of the new focus areas of CareerOne is the high growth market for Enablement. Our stated aim is to enable capable people to rise to the next level to get to jobs worthy of skills, background and outlook.

We have identified two areas of immediate affirmative action, viz

  • Financial Accounting Services Enablement

The BFSI sector is perhaps the largest single employer outside of Government and is the one which is the biggest beneficiary of the outsourcing boom. Considering the impact of technology, markets and globalization winds, it is also the one with the broadest knowledge-skill gap . Graduates, and even worse, higher qualified people come into the market with not-so-readily-deployable skills.

With KPO/APO/BPO being highly evolved with probably the highest outsource process maturity, clients have the justifiable expectation of shorter training cycles, tighter assignment fits and faster deployability.

Specific Enablement programs targeted at making finance graduates professional and deployment-ready has a huge potential which CareerOne aspires to tap into.

  • Communication Skills Enablement

as these two areas represent, in our estimate, more than 20% of the market for enablement services. Financial Accounting Skills give people the easiest and most widespread access to jobs in the APAC region and communication skills increase their chances of selection multifold, thereby enabling people to capitalize on market opportunities at the next level.

CareerOne seeks to identify new areas for enablement, build the relevant courseware and develop a comprehensive program to increase the probability of getting jobs for more aspirants.